Top 10 places for camping in India

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If there is something that you should do more often is to get closer to nature. And how can you do that? Well, you are smart enough to decide that now. Tourism is one big thing that comes to your mind when you think of taking a break. Furthermore, if you want to experience more than just touring then India is one of those places where you will get tourism, culture, food, spirituality and what not. Speaking of which, camping in India is what I will be talking about in this post. I’m sure you’re ready for it. Camping is the most done activity for a reason, as it the easiest way to get closer to nature and bring peace to self. And that too when it comes to camping on Indian soil, it’s majestic that we are blessed with some amazing places to hop in for camping.

So here I’ve spotted top 10 places for camping in India. The paradox of choice says given too many choices, a person is convinced by none. So, it’s the best of the bestest places for camping in India, so sit back, relax and enjoy.

10 best places for camping in India

I may not do justice with hundreds of places for camping in India. But trust me, the places herewith are simply breathtaking. Be it in terms of adventure, getting awestruck on seeing nature so close, and finding peace. You’ll find it all. So without taking any further time, let me get you through the list of best places for camping in India.

#10 Pench Forest, Madhya Pradesh

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The teak tree makes it more beautiful than the nearby forests Bandhavgarh and Kanha. You will find Tigers, Bison and some beautiful species of birds that are not visible in the concrete jungle. This place is relatively less crowded and much more beautiful. In spite of being more beautiful, it is less populated by humans because the big cats rule there, camping in their rules is not everyone’s cup of tea.

#9 Rajaji National Park, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

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Rajaji National Park is the next thing that comes to the tourist’s minds after rafting in chilling waters of river Ganga. It is bird watcher’s paradise to visit this place. The forest department says it has a 400 variety of species of birds and these species are the inhabitant of Rajaji. There are many camping sites around this place and have been attracting a lot of travelers for years.

#8 Ranthambhore, Rajasthan

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Feel the aroma of rural India along with exotic animals that you wouldn’t have ever seen. The soil that has produced many warriors has this nature’s gift too. You will be having an ample number of choices for hotels to choose from. These hotels provide various features like bbq, accommodations, from luxury to basic camping facilities.

#7 Dandeli, Karnataka

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A tiger reserve since in 2007 is a natural habitat for Black Panthers, elephants, leopards, deer too. In case you don’t get to see tigers here, you’ll surely carry a year(s) full of memories to cherish and relive throughout your life. Other things one can do in and around Dandeli is rafting, trekking and crocodile spotting. River rafting is a famous sport here. Feel the thrill of the rush of water that slips under you.

#6 Chitrauli, Uttarakhand

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For those who feel blessed upon seeing both the FLORA & FAUNA brace yourself. Chitrauli is situated near Nainital which itself is paradise for nature lovers and mountain climbers. So to pay respect to the neighbor chitrauli is indeed a must place to visit if you are planning a camping. You can even enjoy bird watching, sightseeing near this place. I bet you’d sigh with a smile standing in front of gigantic mountains here.

#5 Satpura National Park

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Satpura Tiger Reserve is open for campers in permissible limits. Ever wondered why one feels awesome when nearer to nature? This place is the answer to this question. The breath-taking scenery will make close your eyes and breathe longer than usual and most importantly it will place a long and beautiful smile while you do this.

#4 Gir, Gujarat

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Feel the roar of Asiatic Indian Lions. Gir, being one of the most protected habitats in Asia homes a great variety of Flora & Fauna. Witness the pride of Lions walking around you and enjoy the thrill of their hunt. There are few arrangements for camps at the edge of the forest making it safe and sound to rest but enjoy the camp equally.

#3 Parambikulam, Kerala

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Experience the local tribe’s living standards and know how close their lives are with nature. Activities like bamboo rafting and trekking are the key Do’s done here. You can opt for a camp in tents or tree-houses available there.

#2 Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

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One of the oldest forest to protect Bengal Tiger since 1936. A habitat for many bird migrants, elephants, langurs and deers. There are two things the camping visitors have to choose from, the temporary camp or pukka camp. Temporary being more close to the forest is more adventurous for people who have the nerves of steels. Jim Corbett also ranks in one of the best wildlife resorts in India.

#1 Hemis High Altitude National Park, Ladhak

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Saved the best one for the last minute. The name of the place itself is tempting enough that you’d definitely want to go there. Situated along the river Indus and is more beautiful than anyone can describe. Snow leopards are the lizards of this place, they’re super common here. The place is mostly covered with snow and roads are inaccessible hence making it little difficult for people. Trained and professionals carry their own equipment here for their stay. Pre-tents are also available.


Thinking of a vacation in the near future? Love the adrenaline rush of seeing a wild animal in open? I think national park does justice to the wild animals. It’s the only place on the planet where human beings are caged and animals roam free. Furthermore, where else on earth you will find these animals be themselves?

Thanks to these national parks and the country that is blessed with such scenic beauty throughout. Pick any state, you’ll definitely find some gateways to get closer to mother nature, and to yourself.

Over to you. Which of these places for camping in India are you gonna go next? Is it the dream location in Ladhak? Or God’s own country, Kerala? Let me know in the comment section below.

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