Smarter World is on a mission to empower people with knowledge and awareness of the world we all live in. Smarter World foresees the potential of the internet and works to create some content for everyone. In order to create a huge variety of content under one roof is not a child’s play. So I seek a helping hand in this mission and bring the best out of you as a content writer to bridge the gap between “drafts” and “published”.

A brief about Smarter World

Smarter World is all about sharing the most required content in today’s world. Content here broadly covers almost everything that we use in our daily lives. The broad categories are “Technology”, “Travel”, “Health” & “Sports”.

These categories are further divided into content specific sub-categories about which I will share insight post selection.

I am aiming to become a “go-to” website for all the needs of netizen’s daily lives. I am also planning to include more categories so as to cover more and more content under one roof making it more user-friendly.

Covering more content would directly mean sharing more knowledge and sharing more knowledge will mean getting closer and closer to mission and agenda of this website.

I welcome your suggestions on the categories you think that would go well with the theme of Smarter World. Reach out to my personal email ID and we can have a talk on it. Apart from this if there is anything else your bright brain as to share I am all ears.

You’re presence will be cherrished and celebratted. Your the one I am looking for if you figured out all five mistakes in this sentence.

Fill in the details below and If I find a mutual fit, I’ll follow up.

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