How to find & delete other files from internal storage in any Xiaomi Devices

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The hybrid sim slots that are imposed in most of the Xiaomi devices, it becomes difficult to choose between two sim cards or single sim and memory card. It kind of turns off the user for making such a tough decision. Moreover, it feels as if the manufacturer is trying to imitate the single sim luxury of Apple iPhoneConsidering the memory consciousness inside you and me, it is important to know how to manage internal storage on your Xiaomi device. Talking of space, we often see “other files” occupying a bomb of space in the internal storage. Furthermore, how to delete other files is the question you’d have. In this post, I will be sharing how I got rid to 40+ GB of space from my internal storage in Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

Let’s get started

In the excitement of a brand new mobile device, we seldom pay attention to the settings and end up screwing up the device. One such mistake is enabling local backup. This feature backs up everything on your device on the internal storage. For those who have a single sim and a micro SD card, this feature is good. But for those who have dual sim and no space for micro SD card, this feature is useless.

Check if you have enabled local backups. I had the same issue, I had enabled local backup which occupied 40+GB of 64 GB space. I deleted the local backup and disabled the setting. Here’s how I deleted it.

How to delete other files in redmi note 4

  • Tap settings
  • Find ‘Storage’ & open it
  • Tap ‘Cleaner’ in the storage screen
  • Tap on ‘Deep Clean’ button in cleaner screen. You will find the button in the top right corner.
  • If you’ve opted for local backups, you should see backups section in the deep clean screen.
  • Tap on ‘delete’ button in the backup section.

This should free a huge space from your internal storage.

delete other files

Note: You will not lose anything, just the backup will be gone. 

Deleting the backup will empty the space it occupied. And there’s nothing to lose here, it’s backup of the data you already have in your internal storage. Back up of internal storage in internal storage is ridiculously useless.

What are the other ways to delete other files

If you’ve not enabled the local backup, then the “other files” have occupied space because of the app files. The supportive files that run the app are stored in “other files” categories. To get rid of it, you either get rid of the app or have only important add-ons in the app. Say, for example, the FB messenger has a lot of stickers. It is good to have only the most used stickers and avoid the ones you don’t use often. Same goes for games like asphalt 8, the app is 61 MB, but the in-app downloads are around 1.5 GB. This in-app download goes to “other files”. See if you can avoid it.

delete other files

Furthermore, there are also some files(documents, music, images, & videos) that occupy space in “other files” category. Transfer that to an external hard drive or your laptop.

If you are fond of these apps and don’t want to sacrifice it, you better have the videos, images, movies stored in the cloud or on your laptop. Alternatively, have movies stored on a USB stick & whenever you feel the urge to watch movies, just connect the USB stick to your mobile using an OTG cable. This is how I manage my space on the device.


I know it’s pointless doing all this stuff when you can simply expand the memory on your device. But doing this will leave you in dilemma of having just one sim. The choice is yours, choose what’s important. Is it the dual sim, apps or expandable memory? If you keep using this device, you might want to delete other files, often. However, for some reason, people prefer Mi A1 over Redmi note 4. Even though both the devices have hybrid sim slots. Stats reveal that the Mi A1’s dual camera is what takes leap ahead.

Over to you. What are your views on hybrid sim slots on every other Android device these days? How much of space has other files occupied in your internal storage? Let me know in the comment section below.

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