Google Search: 11 Google search tricks- 97% people didn’t knew about.

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Google Search tricks
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Bored of surfing through pages and pages of the search result for finding the exact information you were looking for? Who has time for scrolling through pages of results? I don’t remember when did I last visit the second page of search result. I’m sure you too find it killing to navigate through pages of search result. Listed here are amazing Google Search tricks with which you can optimize your Google search experience and fine tune your search and get exactly what you want on page 1 of the search result.

Best Google search tricks to make you a power user

#11 Either this or that

Confused between two? need to get a look over both and decide one thing? No problem, Google has your back. Simply type “or” between the two keywords you have in your mind.  The search result will contain both and lets you decide between the two.
Google Search tricks

#10 Subject-specific search

Looking for a subject but seeing irrelevant search results? Try searching with ~ (tilde) symbol between 2 subjects. This will bring you sites containing only those results with the mentioned subjects. So sharp !!
Google Search tricks

#9 Search within websites

At times a viral post on a specific site tempts you to look only for it but nothing else. And it happens that you don’t know the title of it, how do you get it? Yeah, there’s a way. Search using the site name: <keyword> that you are looking for. And search result will get you right thing that you are looking for. Right on the top, no need to even scroll down a bit. You are good to go !!
Google Search tricks

#8 What the asterisk?

My favorite of all, single word followed by a ‘*’ will do wonders. But yeah this will not narrow your results, still, it keeps a wider range of search results. You’ll need to fine-tune to find exactly what you want. This way is useful in case when you don’t remember more than a word or two but you still you want to search fully of it.
Google Search tricks

#7 Something around that


When you need to search through a lengthier content but don’t actually remember the complete sentence, it becomes really hectic to find the exact result. You can easily do this by Around () function. Around will generalize your search and look for the results with keywords you have provided along with around function and an approximate number of words you remember. (which goes in braces). For example, I remember “the quick brown” and nothing beyond this. Then I can search The quick brown AROUND(4), 4 being approximately the number of words after that. AROUND () works exactly same every time, no matter where placed. This is my favorite among the Google search tricks.
Google Search tricks




#6 Travel the time

Looking for something specific between a specific year? or just something in between? ‘’ would be handy at that time. Just insert ‘’ between at least two keywords and you’ll be served fresh results containing events happened between the keywords. If you search by time (year), you should get results containing events occurred between those years. This is handy in case you are traveling and these three dots will bridge the distance.
Google Search tricks

#5 Search through articles

Search for specific articles and find exactly what you’re looking for based on sites you prefer to show up. Just include intitle:<keyword> and results only for the keyword would show up.
Google Search tricks

#4 Similar websites

Want to consider options for similar content? This trick would do for you. The only thing you have to do is type and you’ll see all similar websites that are more or less same to what you’re looking for. Get ready, get your shopping’s lists ready there are more options available now.
Google Search tricks
Google Search tricks 

#3 Exact search

This is for the sharp folks out there who remember exact phrase they are looking, no cuts. Exactly the way it is. This actually is very handy in check the copying-paste some people do from your efforts. If you suspect someone has copied your content just search a sentence or two from your article (the original one) and include that in double quotes and search. The search result will contain (mostly top two) result with the original one (yours obviously) and the copied one. This holds true even if the person has copied only one sentence from your article. “NO COPYING”
Google Search tricks


#2 This but not that

In case you want a search result excluding something, with this trick you can do it. Just include a minus sign in the search and search results all yours. i.e <keyword that you want> – <keyword that you don’t want>. When you are “I want this but without that” this comes handy.
Google Search tricks


#1 Bonus one and the easiest

When you are looking for two things combined in one, searching exact results becomes difficult. That’s where plus comes in action. When in such situation with limited keywords in mind, add all those and search you’ll find the pin from the heap of grass.
Google Search tricks
Over to you, which Google search tricks did you regularly use? Or do you know tricks that not many know? Share that in the comment section and let us educate each other. Do you know someone who will be benefitted by this information? Share this with them and share in your network too. This keeps me motivated and the infomation circulated.
Happy googling !!

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