How google manages totally new queries ? – RankBrain in action

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Be it any level of smart system, it flaws at some point. But when it comes to google it takes care of it’s standard and quality of the search engine and it’s results. Google needs to keep on updating their algorithm and capabilities in order to manage the enormously increasing number of websites(822,240 new sites each day)

According Bloomberg reportgoogle has been testing an AI-based system named RankBrainwhich helps to parse user’s queries, specifically those queries which has never bumped into the search engine.Census says out of millions of queries that google receives, ~15% of the queries are totally new to the search engine. Rankbrain comes in picture now, it helps the search engine to understand the ambiguous queries.

The mathematical entities wrapped into embedded programming language is the main essence that makes every magic under this master plan. This also guesses which words and phrases are similar in meaning to each other so that it can simplify the queries for google , to tackle it at ease.
Greg Corradoa senior research scientist a google has said that RankBrain has quickly become the third most important service in contributing to the search result of query.When it came to checking the efficiency of RankBrain, search engineers at google where asked to flow through few pages and guess which ones would google rank higher in search result, and being the masteminds behind this algorithm building and the success rate was 70 percent and RankBrain went past this at 10 percent more than these guys.
Future scope of this AI is how software and services will be built in the future making things more awesome by every means. The machine learning companies are bracing themselves for the aplenty amount of data to deal at global level.
Before getting into actual action, these technologies are severely scrutinized so that it doesn’t play fool of the company using it and the user using it. RankBrain was in work before the company began it’s testing  with dozen of users and after testing every bit of the algorithm it was released all across the google search.
Here’s what Corrado has to say, “Machine learning isn’t just a magic syrup that you pour onto a problem and it makes it better. It took a lot of thought and care in order to build something that we really thought was worth doing.
Google will never stop smartening happen what so ever. Let’s share to match up what google serves us, spread this word and smarten yourself at ease. 

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