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Redmi Note 4 was chosen as the best android mobile last year. However, a lot of people, including me were not satisfied with the default MIUI camera. Reason being the picture quality it produces. No doubt, that the device is the best in most of the features like battery life, gaming performance, multi-tasking etc. For some reasons, the MIUI could not utilize the camera to the fullest. Though the camera has great potential, this little thing was disappointing.

However, the camera remained the paining nerve for its users. Many suggested rooting the device and having custom UI for better enhancements. But since the device is within the warranty period, this is not an option at all.

Furthermore, as part of fixing this problem I tried and tested a few third-party camera apps for redmi note 4, but I couldn’t find any worthy app. I even tried apps like Camera FV 5, Open Camera (for pro photography) but the problem was that these apps were dependent on MIUI for it’s functioning.

There is nothing wrong with MIUI, but the heavy-noise-reduction algorithm decreases the picture quality in most of the Xiaomi devicesIn this post, I will be sharing my personal experience on how I improved the camera quality on my redmi note 4.

How to improve image quality on Redmi Note 4

If you are a person who is memory conscious and do not want to fill your internal storage with other files of apps, then these camera settings will help you.

The updated MIUI has a lot of settings for the default camera, but at the end of the day, it runs on noise-reduction-algorithm which affects the image quality drastically. Hence there are a few recommended settings that will help you reduce the effect of noise-reduction-algorithm.

Best camera settings for Redmi Note 4

  1. Open default camera
  2. Tap on ”Options” and then tap on the settings icon
  3. You will find the settings as shown in below the screenshot
  4. Tap on “Camera Frame” and select 16:9 ratio. This will let you capture wider shots.
  5. Tap on “Picture Quality” and select High.
  6. Then tap on “Auto Exposure Settings” and select Center Weighted
  7. Tap on “Sharpness” and select highest


improve camera quality in Redmi Note 4

Nevertheless, these settings will still be dominated by the MIUI. But to drastically improve the camera quality, here are some of the best third-party apps for Redmi Note 4

Best third-party camera apps for Redmi Note 4

As I’ve said I have tried and tested highly trusted apps but most of them are either dependent on the MIUI or are not compatible with the device completely. Here are the apps that cleared the test successfully, also the best third-party app for redmi note 4 is also listed.

The official camera app from Google is an amazing way to take better control of your camera mobile. Some of the best features of this app are the HDR+ and lens blur. Here’s a photo of a lens blur image I took.
improve camera quality in redmi note 4
The lens blur feature is really amazing in this app which you cannot find in any other app. But, the problem is this app comes as an alternative to the default camera in stock android devices. So you will have to install the .apk of this file explicitly. Google Camera can even capture 4K videos on Redmi Note 4 which is mind-blowing, but there’s a problem. When you switch to video mode, the app crashes due to a clash with MIUI. Watch the video to know better.

And this is the problem with Google Camera app. It has amazing video recording features but it doesn’t work on Redmi Note 4.

  • Open Camera

This app is for those who are professional photographers and want manual settings to take better photos. Full marks for the usability and pro camera settings but this app also doesn’t have its own algorithm. It has ISO settings, exposure settings, white balance settings etc but it depends on the MIUI completely. So, even Open camera is ruled out. If you are not a huge fan of details in image quality, then I would recommend having this app. It’s amazing.

Another manual photography settings containing android app. This app is much better than Open Camera. You can control shutter speed, ISO, White Balance etc. It is a power packed third-party camera app for redmi note 4 or any android device for that matter. However, the image quality is much better than any other camera app. The noise is very less and pictures are clearer when taken through this app.

improve camera quality

Okay, this one is the last and the best one in the bunch. This is the only app that I found to have its own image processing algorithm. Therefore, the heavy noise-reduction algorithm from MIUI does no harm to your pictures. It is a power packed app with a ton of pro features that not only help you improve camera quality, but also give you advanced settings & control to take better pictures. When it comes to shooting modes, Cyanogen camera is the best. Take a look at the settings & shooting modes the app has.

Improve camera quality           

Apart from this, the camera has a bunch of useful shooting mode like

  • HDR
  • Action
  • Backlight
  • Beach
  • Candlelight
  • Fireworks
  • Flowers
  • Landscape
  • Night (most important & my favorite)
  • Night Portrait (another beauty)
  • Party
  • Portrait
  • …… and a lot of scene-specific shooting modes.

These along with many other modes are like presets. Depending on the type of scene you are shooting, you can change the mode accordingly and take beautiful pictures. With Cyanogen Camera, you don’t have to worry about the camera quality & image quality.

Redmi Note 4 front camera settings

If you are a selfie freak and want to take stunning selfies, then cyanogen camera will not disappoint you. The settings that I’ve mentioned above, are applicable to the front camera also hence you can totally improve camera quality of the device. However, since the front camera is a 5MP camera, the image quality will be slightly affected. But all in all, the Cyanogen Camera app will be your go-to camera app to take photos.

However, the camera is missing out the professional settings like shutter speed, white balance. But it serves the purpose and improves camera quality drastically.

Final words on improving camera quality on Redmi Note 4

Though the device is really amazing, it got a negative rating only because of the camera. However, the default camera is not that bad but in low light conditions, especially night light (natural or artificial light) the picture quality is very poor.

If you are not a person who wants perfect details, then the best camera settings for your redmi note 4 will do a great job. The default camera app is much better and the camera settings mentioned above will do justice to your needs. But if you are a quality freak like me, then the cyanogen camera app is for you. The .apk that you will be installing will need “unknown sources” option enabled in developer options. You can find and enable this option in settings> additional settings> privacy> tap on unknown sources. The app is totally safe, and I personally use it.

Over to you. What were the camera settings you’ve been using before this? Was it default or you have custom settings. Let me know in the comment section below.

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