Mi band 3: Drawbacks you should know before you buy it

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Okay, so the latest version of the Mi band 3 is out in the market & is doing great in terms of revenue for the company & user experience for the end users. There are a lot of upgrades that the company has made when compared to its previous version Mi band 2

Considering the upgrade, the company has forgotten or purposefully left behind the drawbacks or defects that you should know before you buy it.

In this post, I will be talking about the specs, features, hacks & drawbacks.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

What is a Mi Band?

For those who are unaware of mi band, listen up. Gone are the days when watches only showed us the time. Fitness band uses the veins in wrists to detect heart rate, sleep time, walking etc. Apart from showing time, the mi band also traces your workout and all the data is shown in the mi fit app.

The sensor in the fitness band measures your heart rate and helps you analyze your workout and stay fit, while you always have the time displayed on the watch 😉

Basically, mi band is a fitness band that is must have for those who are serious about fitness. The mi band will help you count every single calory you’ve burnt and keep up the track of your fitness by yourself. No more bulky gadgets and trainers to assume the calories you’ve burnt and workout more than you ought to.

Self-analyze the whole process and take control with the brand new mi band 3.

That being said, let’s dive-in to knowing the brand new version of the Mi Band series.

A brief about Mi Band 3

Mi band 3

The new Mi Band 3 comes with a large OLED touchscreen allowing you to view & reject calls, read SMS, WhatsApp & other messages and app notifications. It also has water resistance up to 50m, so now you can swim and surf while wearing the band. The real-time activity tracking helps you know the exercise data in real time allowing you to set your pace. The new Mi Band 3 also comes with a long-lasting battery that lasts up to 20 days. The Mi Band 3 also has additional features like locating your phone, sleep analysis, stopwatch, quiet mode shuffle, weather forecast etc.

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Top features & Specs of Mi Band 3

This upgraded model of Mi band series had a lot of people desperately waiting on edge of their seats. The rumors of features to be included in the Indian version were successful in creating a lot of hype for the product. Soon after its launch, thanks to the hype, the Mi band 3 was an instant hit.

Many products create hype, but Mi band 3 continues to grow in sales even after the launch. This tells us one thing, it’s a good product will undeniable features. That being said, let’s look at the features it is packed with.

  • Large OLED screen: Mi Band 3 comes with a larger and clearer 0.78 inch OLED touchscreen giving you more space to do and view more.
  • App Notifications: Now get notified about the incoming call & other app notifications on the fitness. You can also reject calls directly from the Mi Band 3. It also displays SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram & other notifications from the apps.
  • Water Resistant up to 50m: With a 5ATM rating, Mi Band 3 provides greater water resistance that allows you to swim, surf & take bath while wearing it. This way you can even workout while sweating also you can swim wearing it to burn some extra calories. The best part, this workout is also recorded by the band which you can see in the Mi-Fit app.
  • Battery Beast: The Mi Band 3 contains a Li-Polymer battery with high energy density. A full charge will last up to 20 days, even on regular use. However, if you keep heart rate tracking on, the battery life might lessen a bit. If you’re under 35, you don’t need to keep this feature on. You can always check your heart rate manually.
  • Step count & Sleep data: The upgraded step count algorithm makes sure that not even a single step is missed. Furthermore, the heart rate sensor can accurately read changes over a 24-hour period.
  • Sleep quality data: The mi band 3 accurately records information about your sleep quality every night, including data on deep and light sleep so that you can adjust your sleeping habits accordingly. The data also helps you understand how well you’re sleeping compared to other users. All this data is available in the Mi-Fit app.
  • Activity Tracking: Mi Band 3 allows you to monitor your activity like running, biking or walking in real time. You can check your exercise duration, pace, heart rate and speed on the go. The tracker is so accurate that it doesn’t miss a single step that you’ve walked or ran.
  • Event & Alarms: Deep sleeper? No problem, the Mi band 3 vibrates to shake you off your sleep and wake up on time. Set alarm on your phone & the band will take care of the rest. Above this, you will also be notified for events you’ve added to the calendar. Thanks to the larger OLED screen, you’d see the event details really well on the screen.
  • Goal Reminders & Idle Alert: The Mi Band 3 allows you to set individual goals in the Mi Fit app & will notify you on completing the goals. Furthermore, when you’re too busy and lose track of time, the band will vibrate, reminding you to get up and take a walk to avoid fatigue. The band will remind you to take a walk every hour. Unfortunately, this setting cannot be changed. Like I prefer taking a walk every 90 minutes. But I cannot change the time on mi band 3. It would’ve been awesome if the band had this feature.
  • Password-free unlock: When you’re closer to your android smartphone with the band nearby, you don’t need to type in a password or finger scan to unlock your phone. This is also a drawback as someone might use this band to unlock your phone and see your personal data. I don’t prefer this feature, it does nothing.
  • 30 more features: The mi Band 3 comes with a lot of features to make it a complete package. Features like phone locator, stopwatch, silent mode shuffle etc. are there to make your life easier.

Top 3 Mi Band 3 hacks

The Mi Band 3 comes with a ton of features that make it the best wristband in this price segment. Sure, there are many other fitness bands, but either they’re expensive of they don’t have these many features. Mi had all the time in the world to plan and craft the mi band 3 to near perfection. However, there are still some drawbacks in Mi Band 3, which will discuss in the subsequent section.

In this section, we will see the top Mi Band 3 hacks that you steal right away.

Hack #1: Find your phone

In case you misplaced your phone, lost it or if someone is playing a prank on you by hiding your phone, you can find your phone using your mi band 3. But to find it, you should have the band and your phone connected and it should be nearby.

How to find mobile phone using mi band 3

  1. Swipe up & find ‘more’ option in your mi band 3
  2. Swipe right thrice and find “find device” option
  3. Long press to find the device.

The best part of this feature is that your mobile phone will make sound even if it’s in silent mode. Furthermore, you can set the ringtone that will be played for this feature. You can set the ringtone from the Mi-Fit app, under profile> Mi Band 3> Find phone ringtones. You can set the ringtone as default or set your own custom ringtone to easily find your device.

Furthermore, there is no way to silent the phone from the phone. The only way to silent the phone will be from mi band 3, which will be in your hands. So next time someone plays prank on you, show them what you have in your armory.

Hack #2: Silent your phone

At times, you forget to silence your phone & are in a position where you cannot pull out your phone. No worries, you can do that with your Mi Band 3. The band can help you silent & undo silent by a single tap & couple of swipes obviously.

How to find mobile phone using mi band 3

  1. Swipe up & find ‘more’ option in your mi band 3
  2. Swipe left twice and find “silent” option
  3. Long press to silent your mobile phone.

Hack #3: Unlock your device without a password

Not my personal favorite but for many, this feature will come handy. You can set this feature in the Mi Fit app. Here’s

How to set Unlock device without password using Mi Band 3

  1. Open Mi-Fit App
  2. Tap on the profile option
  3. Tap on Mi Band 3 under My devices
  4. Then tap on Unlock screen option.

Note: You will need to authorize your Mi band 3 to use this feature. A small setup will be shown on mi fit app, a few clicks and you’re good to go.

Another thing to note here is that you will need to keep the mobile phone connected to the Mi Band 3 via Bluetooth to use these features. If you turn off the Bluetooth, the devices will not be in connection and most of the features will not function.

This brings us to the final and most important section of this post. If you’re yet to buy Mi Band 3, make sure you read this before actually buying it. Let’s begin.

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Drawbacks of Mi Band 3

I’ve been using Mi Band 3 for more than 2 weeks now. I’ve not noticed any major issue like the battery is awesome. I’ve charged only once since Sept 27th, and I won’t need to charge it until 20th of this month. But, there are some annoying drawbacks that I’ve noticed while using Mi Band 3, here’s the list of drawbacks in Mi Band 3

  1. Inefficient display: In harsh daylight, you literally cannot see anything on the screen. Complete blackout. This is a hardware drawback and cannot be fixed. If you’re okay with this, the band is fantastic is so many ways. It will not disappoint you.
  2. Inaccurate step counts: I know I’ve said the step count is real-time & super accurate, but there’s a flaw here. While you are in a vehicle, and when the vehicle is moving, the step counts increases. The motion of the vehicle is counted as your steps. Makes no sense, but it’s true.
    Another thing I’ve noticed is when you freely keep your hand in motion the band counts it has steps. I won’t be surprised if the band counts your push up or pull ups as walking. This is the most annoying thing I’ve found in this band. Name’s fitness band but these basic drawbacks are making it a bottleneck for consumers.
  3. Faulty app notifications: I’m not sure if this is actually a drawback but still I’ll list it since I found it faulty. When you opt for app notifications and say you have multiple 7 chats on WhatsApp. Every time a new message comes (in 7 unread chats or new chat) the band will vibrate to notify 7 times plus for the new messages that you’ve received.

So far, I’ve noticed these many defects. I don’t think there would be the software upgrade for this band so it’s an open call whether or not to buy this band. I’m in close touch with the Mi community to figure out of this has a fix. I’ll keep updating this post as & when I find new defects.

Furthermore, I’m also working to find solutions to the defects. I’ll keep writing on this. In return, I would request you to share this post with your friends who already have the Mi Band 3 or those who’re planning to buy. Furthermore, Join my email list to receive fresh updates right in your email box. You can also subscribe to push notifications, as you will get notifications every time I update this post.

To conclude, I would say that the Mi Band 3 is the absolute best of this series. And as already said, it’s the best in this price segment. In fact better than Fitbit band in so many ways. It’s definitely worth buy, it’s worth every single penny.

Considering the price, I am not so surprised to see the drawbacks but I’m shocked to see these many power-packed features within a single device. While I research for solutions, get yourself Mi Band 3 from Amazon at an offer price.

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