Music is passion and evidence of your introversion

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Ever wondered why sometimes soft music soothe you and sometimes rock music helps you cross out those extra sets at the gym? There should be something magical in those earplugs that pumps out the best out of us right? What is that fuel that fires up your inner self to push your limits and do something you’ve been hesitating doing so far?

It’s one of the best magical gift of nature to mankind – Music.

One peculiar thing about music is the fact that it is very closely related to introversion. It is observed that most of the renowned musicians are introverts or the other way round that Introverts make good musicians.

This brings me to another question, “Are extroverts better musicians than introverts?” Let us know it all in subsequent sections.

Before I begin something on the question, let me ask one off topic question to you. What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Introvert”? A soft-spoken, shy and timid person right? A misconception among us is that Introverts are shy and restricted and it is not. These two terms are so closely used that we have taken it to mean the same.

Introverts are those who opt time with self than with others to recharge their batteries, not because they do not have anyone to be with but they value their own presence more than someone else’s. Unlike Introverts, Extroverts gets going just by spending some time with people around them.

Why Introverts are better at music than Extroverts

Now that you are aware of the thin line between Introverts and Extrovert, let us understand why Introverts outperform Extroverts when it comes to music. The major reason for this is the fact that to be good at music one has to be capable of spending long hours practicing alone which extroverts find difficult.

Nothing against extroverts but music is something that needs involvements from within which is impossible for those who constantly need the presence of people around them to feel natural. This is where Introverts utilize their comfort zone and create music that swings people with it.

The science of shyness

I confess I feel shy to face crowd so do introvert musicians, and I am not good at music. It takes a hell lot of courage come in front of hundreds of eye balls constantly staring you, but if at all we are left with no other option we’d practice several times more than an extrovert would just to make sure we don’t ruin the setup.

Introverts have more complex about failing than extroverts so it is natural & evident that they’d practice well. Studies from the experiment carried out by Carleton University, Canada which involved 40 female skaters between age 11 and 19 have found that skaters who focused on end result i.e. and not on the judgment of people performed well.

With this, it is evident that Introvert musicians who focus on performing and not on critics (not forgetting the practice they’ve been through) make them push ahead of extroverts.

The medium to express

For many, music is a medium of expression. Considering the feelings and hesitation an introvert has, imagine the music that will erupt be it in the form of lyrics or instrumental. When music is the only reason to express wouldn’t it be original and heart touching. One can’t fake this way when this is the only way to express.

How music can determine your personality

Did you know that choice of music either made or enjoyed tell the type of personality you are? Extroverts who are also sporty, active and outspoken tend to prefer pop, rap, hip-hop and electronic music. A lot of studies are going around the globe in this regards hence determining the personality. More rhythmic and uplifting music lovers were classified as extrovert the other side of the same test gave handful introverts who had very specific taste in music.

If you prefer Numb over castle of glass then my friend you won’t hesitate to ask for extra sauce in your hamburger, you’re that awesome.

What type of music do introverts prefer

Let me remind you, Introverts are private time enjoyers. So they’d prefer music that can be enjoyed in private. Introvert also look for that connection with music that goes inside of them and explains why fans of classical music are mostly introverts.

Adrian North carried out one of the biggest experiment in numbers that included 36,000 across 60 countries. It was about the relation between preference of music and their personality. This experiment involved a series of music pieces and the people had to rate them. Based on the individual’s rating their personality was determined.

Most of the classical, slow and meaningful tracks were rated the highest by introverts. On the other hand the fast, energetic, pop, jazz, blues and Bollywood were rated the highest by extroverts.

So next time when you switch a song and the one you stop by will tell you about your current mood and mindset.

Importance and passion for music

Music has no language, only lyrics have. Music has no haters, only lyricists have. There is nothing like Introvert music or extrovert music. It’s just the way it is. Music is indeed an important part of our lives. Music has lifted you whenever people have let you down.

I probably need not share any details on why music is important, but there are some major reasons that people music over anything else.

#1 It is powerful

Music is the best way to express, be it less or a lot. A deaf can feel it, a dumb can sing it and a blind can see it. It is that powerful.

#2 Song for every mood

No matter what you’re going through, there’s always something for your mood. If you’re happy, listen to fast music. If you’re sad listen to slow and soft music. The reason behind this is that the mood you are going through is something similar to the music composers and lyricists too, so there are very high chances of lyrics describing your situation and this connection makes you fall in love with music

#3 It’s relatable

Some songs are heard in a loop as they connect to our lives. Waving flag one such example in my case, I don’t upfront search for the song and enjoy it in a loop but when it plays I turn the repeat mode on. The reason is obvious, the song connects to my life and the dreams I have.

Apart from this few more thing I feel makes music one of the companions a human can get are as follows.

  • Music can be soothing when you are done with humans.
  • It can take you to another world when you want to distance yourself from everyone.
  • Hearing good music can turn you back to normal when you are someone else.
  • Music can calm your mind in worst situations
  • It becomes your best friend in the thinnest time of your life.

What else do you think Music has the power to do? A lot of people say music is their favorite pass time, what’s yours? I’m sure it’s your favorite pass time too. Share your thoughts in comment section below. Share this content with your friend circle too. Let them connect with this musical journey too.

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