Now you can Install apps directly from the search results

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Google is testing a new feature on android that lets you install apps right from the search result without actually being directed to app store. A recent report from android police shows this in action. This feature has a pop-up as an approval window similar to what we get while installing from the app store. This feature works only when browsing through google app for some users for now and not through chrome (similar yet more special), this feature is also working on safari browser that doesn’t direct to IOS app store for installing app, rather installing them from the result itself.
For now the feature is visible for some users only as this feature is in a prime stage of development and hence chances are there that you might see this happen on your mobile device too. Try it yourself by searching for an app in the google search (only on google app) and once when you get the app in the search result, tap on install button and hopefully you should get an approval window for installing the app in the search result itself.

Sources: Android Police

Some users have reported that they are having this feature in place for them and the search result is not carrying them to store for installing the app. This will take some more time to be available for all the users globally, till then let’s cherish this smart move by google which can a move to remain favourite search engine among the rest others.

Smart eh?? 

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