Detailed comparison between Redmi Note 4 and Mi A1

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Redmi note 4 vs Mi A1

Longtime buzz is out now. Xiaomi has released its Android one flagship and its pure killer. Having said this, not to be forgotten the fact that Mi is known for the customizations and features that it provides. Customizations that includes themes, fonts, and features include second space and dual apps. With Android one, you will not get any of these. With this let’s see more about Redmi note 4 vs Mi A1, & Android One. 

There’s a reason why smartphone manufacturers are so obvious about Android one. Before we know the differences, let us first understand what is Android One.

What is Android One?

Redmi note 4 vs Mi A1

Android one is the purest form of Android available for smartphones. With android one in Mi A1, you get the latest version of Android. Even in future, whichever smartphone manufacturer comes up with an Android one device you’d get the latest Android version out of the box.

This way, you get the phone you want exactly the way you want. What you get with android one is security, a streamlined phone that can get you your favorite Google apps like YouTube, Google Maps, Assistant and more. Apart from this, you get the driver’s seat. You are in complete control of which apps you want to have. No unnecessary apps to occupy your valuable space.

Best of Google at your service. You get the Google assistant, powered and trained by Google. powerful enough to manage all your tasks. All this, just a voice command away. With Android One, you also get Google photos. Where you can store all your memories. You get unlimited storage space and high-quality images.

Apart from this, the Android One stays up to date with the latest Android version and patches. You get a minimum of two years of OS updates to the latest Android version. With the latest Android versions, you get all the innovations that Google has embedded in the OSs. So much to get from Android One and the best of Xaomi.

Now that we know how amazing Android One is. Let us dive into the detailed comparison guide of Redmi note 4 vs Mi A1.

Redmi note 4 vs Mi A1, specs & features

The Redmi Note 4 comes in two variants.

Mi A1 is available only in one variant

Note: In this post, I will be comparing the top variant of the Redmi Note 4 as only the RAM & ROM is different.

For some reasons, this flagship is kept in budget hence the differences are not many. However, we will begin with similarities and then the differences.

The tie in Redmi note 4 vs Mi A1

  • Same sensors and hardwares. Both the devices have gyroscope, compass, LED notification light, fingerprint scanner, and backlighting capacitive buttons.
  • Both the devices contain IR Blaster. So you can control appliances that have a remote.
  • Both devices have a Hybrid sim slot, i.e. you can either use single sim and memory card up to 128 GB or dual sim.
  • Both devices have audio jack and mono speaker at the bottom

Design & build

Both the devices have a metallic body with a 2.5 D curved corning gorilla glass. As far as looks are concerned, the Mi A1 is way ahead than Redmi Note 4. But the Redmi Note 4 has a typical design which makes it kinda boring. On the other hand, Mi A1 is fresh and slim and sleeky. In terms of design and looks, Mi A1 is at par.


  • Mi A1 doesn’t have the radio. Redmi Note 4 does.
  • All the hardware sensors are same in both the devices
  • The fingerprint scanner in Mi A1 is slower. Both the devices have fingerprint resistant, i.e. you get a steel sensor. So the fingerprint scanner will stay clear and you don’t have to clean the sensor.

As the fingerprint is the highlight in the current smartphone era. And Mi A1 needs a lot of improvements in terms of the fingerprint sensor. Hoping for an update soon.


  • Both the devices are 5.5 inches with IPS display with full HD resolution. However, the image quality is totally different.
  • Mi A1 and Redmi Note 4 has sunlight legibility. Mi A1 is much brighter for better reasons.

Technically, both Mi A1 and Redmi Note 4 are in a tie in terms of display. But the real difference would depend on many factors like settings, apps in use etc. You will know more about the display once you have it in hand.


Both Redmi Note 4 and Mi A1 has exactly same camera UI(of course Mi has tweaked the stock Android camera a bit) and the features too are almost similar. Not to forget the dual camera of Mi A1 makes it take a leap ahead of Redmi Note 4. Apart from this, there are some deeper camera specs as follows.

  • The Redmi Note 4 has a 13 MP rear camera with f2.0 aperture.
  • Mi A1 has two 12 MP camera with f2.2 aperture, a 12 MP telephoto f2.6 aperture.
  • Both Redmi Note 4 and Mi A1 have 5 MP front camera with f2.0 aperture.
  • Mi A1 has two additional features
    • Portrait mode: With the help of the additional telephoto camera you can capture an awesome portrait with a perfect blurry background.
    • 2x lossless zoom: The dual camera again comes into the picture. 2x lossless zoom lets you zoom into the subject without losing the details of it.

Mi A1 is the only smartphone in this price segment that comes with a telephoto lens and both the additional features are pretty awesome. Pictures on Mi A1 are really sharper and vibrant enough. The colors turn up quite well and they are very dynamic. Having the dual camera in Mi A1 lets you capture really nice bokeh in portrait mode. Especially in night lights.

The front camera is much better when compared to Redmi Note 4. If you are a selfie freak, Redmi Note 4 will not disappoint you. Both Redmi Note 4 and Mi A1 has a 5 MP and an f2.0 aperture gives you equally wide angle view in the pictures you take with the front camera.

Coming to the video recording part. Mi A1 can record in 4k whereas Redmi Note 4 can record only in 1080p. Both Redmi Note 4 and Mi A1 does not have optical & electronic image stabilization. So when you record a footage, it will be shaky footage.  All in all, Redmi Note 4 is good for selfies and Mi A1 is good for the rear camera.


Both Redmi Note 4 and Mi A1 is powered by a 64-bit Snapdragon 625 processor with octa-core 2 GHz clock speed processor. Mi A1 has a stock android experience and hence you will see a lot of customizations. However, you will see a lot of features that is Redmi is known for. You will miss having second space, dual apps, themes, fonts and a lot more Mi customizations.

The gaming doesn’t heat up any of the devices. The average temperature stays pretty cool. So the gaming is awesome on both the devices. Even the memory management is flawless. Retrieving apps from the recent apps is fast enough on both the devices. However, the stock android leads in this just by an inch. The animation of retrieving apps on Android one is fluid. This simple thing makes this process want-to-do-more.


So the best part of Mi A1 is the stock Android experience. Mi A1 comes with Android 7.1.2 and is promised to receive Oreo and Android P.  Android Oreo is expected to roll out the updates by end of 2017. Android O is expected to be rolled out by mid-2018.

Mi A1 runs MIUI 8 on top of 7.2.1 and will be receiving MIUI 9. The stock Android will make you fall in love with the most volatile experience. You get the most loved Android experience, that’s the split screen. In Mi A1, you get this feature. The typical stock Android features like ambient display, fingerprint gestures and split screen.

The Redmi Note 4 has theme customizations, double tap to wake, reading more, secondary space, dual space and a lot more such features. The stock android gives a better UI experience and Redmi Note 4 gives you better customizations.


Both Redmi Note 4 and Mi A1 have pretty awesome audio outputs. Mi A1 have HD sound algorithm makes the sound experience awesome. The audio output from the headphone jack is pretty loud. Redmi Note 4 also produces nice sounds but not that cool as Mi A1.


This is where Redmi Note 4 takes the lead. Redmi Note 4 has 4000 mAh battery that’s enough to run through the whole day. Mi A1 is way behind in this league. Redmi Note 4 gives 6-8 hours of and Mi A1 has a 3000 mAh which gives 5-6 hours of screen on time.

One of the most important similarities in Redmi note 4 vs Mi A1 is, both exclusively available on Flipkart.

Redmi note 4 vs Mi A1

Buy Mi A1 only on Flipkart for 14,999 INR


Redmi note 4 vs Mi A1Buy Redmi Note 4 only on Flipkart for 10,999 INR


If you are looking for customizations, battery and performance go for Redmi Note 4. If you want stock android experience, camera and performance go for Mi A1. Mi A1 compromises a bit on battery, so if you can carry a power bank everywhere go for Mi A1.

Over to you. Are you looking for some specific features in Mi A1? Or are you looking for some specific features in Redmi Note 4?

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