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The IT industry is flourishing with changes that are really hard to cope with, but obviously not impossible. People aiming to see yourself in the big shots of this industry, it’s time to brace yourself and learn what these companies are expecting to have. To be on the run is to promise yourself to never stop learning. The who’s quick to adopt change is the one who survives. The industry is in search people who can work for them with the lesser delay in coping with the change.

This post brings you the latest trend or the current most wanted programming languages in the industry: If you know any of these languages be it beginner, moderate or expert level, you’re through.

#1 Java

Let’s not forget the power of this language, this language was a revolution in the field of programming. Java being one of the most famous open source languages on the planet is the backbone of Android which is another giant, fragment of programming, from a smartphone to televisions, wearable to glasses and now Android is entering Mirror. Android is deep routed into the developing industry, so plan your minds for android. Not only just android, Java is itself a big gun for programming. Java is also used for server-side scriptings, like JSP.

#2 C Programming

The first turning point in the programming industry is still in use and trust me, it’s still really powerful. Professional programmers still prefer C to some extent, for their software developments. One good reason for using C is that the language is in the industry for over 40 odd years, which means a number of lines of code available and the same code available to learn from. Considering the age, there are a lot of insights for almost everything in C. One can say this language is step 1 of the industry and mastering this step 1 will make you a star of your programming thoughts.

#3 Python

Python being one of the easiest languages, to begin with. If you have basic knowledge of what programming is then it’s time to give a thought on this language. Not every python is dangerous. The language has a huge fan following because of it’s easy to understand syntax and the readability is quite easy. And the best thing, it’s open source. Programmers call this language as king of an embedded scripting language as this comes really handy for integration. Python is also used for web development, Quora has python at its heart.

#4 PHP

Another big gun in the list is PHP, which has reach from web development to server-side scripting. PHP saw it’s beginning in the web, most of the features are well suited for website development. Facebook is the top notch in the social network industry, has PHP as it’s backbone. Now it’s a matter of thought that if Facebook is using PHP, mustn’t it be really precious? Geeks at PHP claim that over 11 million domains are in PHP, which sounds really awesome. PHP is really strong in interaction with a various form of programming for example if PHP is to run for web development, it can run smoothly with HTML+CSS codes and give it a texture of awesomeness. And if it’s to use as back-end thing, it interacts pretty nicely with almost all top notch DBs. PHP is worth time spent on, guys. Not to be ignored the fact PHP is hated a bunch of reasons.

#4 Visual Basic

Finally Microsoft is in the race, the vintage version of Microsoft’s programming language  has been one of the most favorite programming languages since the beginning because of it’s easy to use interface, drag and drop the elements and code it, that’s it. The newer versions of visual basic which is visual basic.NET covers all the flaws that it had earlier. Microsoft has worked quite hard to stand the competition and they’ve made it. Add this to list and you’ll manage to get into the competition of windows app development.

#5 Javascript

The super-popular web designing language. Java has entered almost every technical thing. Seems important, eh  ? JavaScript but actually this has nothing much to do with Java apart from the name, but the language is seriously a big gun for the web development. This acts as icing on the cake for HTML code. It is really easy to implement. And best thing is , JS works even when you’re offline as this work on the user’s machine.

#6 Assembly Language

The Adam of programming languages are still in use, this language is the lowest level of language that interacts with the processor of the computer. For a long time assembly language was taught in the computer science classes but never implemented after that, but good point of this low-level language is that it comes handy for building effective software for low- powered devices like wearable and smart phones. And it goes without saying, this language is this low level language directly interacts with the heart of the software. Don’t underestimate the power of a common language.

#7 Ruby

Yet another star programming language that is quite old in this race. It’s a 24 year old genius, which has only upgraded to awesomeness. This language is really easy to read, understand and write code. Rails is the framework which has empowered ruby to the next big level. Rails is basically a framework. This language is used to build web apps. Ruby is used by NASA for simulations, Google Sketchup a 3D modelling application uses ruby. Sounds precious right ? The moto of the language is so convincing, it says “A Programmer’s best friend”

#8 Perl

Perl was originally developed by NASA engineer. The language that is famously known as “duct tape of web” is really powerful in processing text. Perl is good at keeping website content into a single unit, but Perl couldn’t stand the competition against many other web development languages. Major applications of Perl are like, Bioinformatics, Databases, GUI, Games and multimedia, Quality Assurance and Testing. Perl is a big gun for testing.

#9 Delphi Object Pascal

This high-level language that supports both object-oriented and structured design. Delphi is based on object Pascal and it’s more than just Object Pascal language. Delphi object pascal was originally developed at Apple for interaction with Oracle database. Delphi is seeing it’s rising sun in the race of smartphone app development. Delphi promotes modular programming, as it has it multiple unit file structure of the code. Delphi has a very good run-time library. Delphi object pascal is object-oriented, so it is easy to adapt for developers who were exposed to OOP. Apart from being object oriented this language also supports structured approach which eliminated the concerns of developers who are new to OOP concept. Being used at Apple, this language has become really precious


Claimed to be a mathematical programming language embedded in a tool for image processing and advanced algebra. Matrix Laboratory(MATLAB) is widely used by scientists, engineers for extensive image processing and advanced Artificial Intelligence applications. MATLAB is programming language, package and tool , 3-in-1 combo, and this is what that makes it really precious in the current industry. MATLAB is basically a multi-paradigm numerical computing. MATLAB supports, C, C++, Fortan, Python & JAVA. MATLAB is a high-level development environment that is used for building control algorithm for hypersonic vehicles, weather forecast and much more.

#13 Pascal

Named after philosopher Blaise Pascal. And this is yet another programming language that Apple used. Apple used Pascal for developing Mac computers, and even today pascal-based system exist. This is a procedural programming language. Small, elegant and efficient language that is using structured programming approach and data structuring. Apple fans, this is your take.

#14 Groovy

Groovy gained popularity after 2007, soon after it was released back then. The language is an Object-Oriented Language for JAVA platform, also the language shares similar features as Python, Ruby, Perl. This can also be used as scripting language that can be compiled on JVM (Java Virtual Machine).This language is favorite among developers, as it is knows for writing a lot of code, way faster. And being really compatible with java Groovy won a lot of vogue among tech giants like Google, IBM, and  Target. Developers knowing Java can directly get into learning Groovy, it’s easy clean and effective.

#15 Objective C

A language that keeps apple being what it is today. Till apple’s swift came into the market, Objective C was the blood in apple’s veins, after the super huge popularity of swift programming, Objective C was a little cornered. But it is still in a huge use at Apple, as it serves as the basic integration of the things that are turning up now. C being primary of the programming lessons, Objective C is just another flavor brainchild by a tech giant. Knowing, learning or mastering will land you in very safe hands. Objective C is just a featured update to what Dennis Ritchie gave birth to. Both successor and predecessor are immensely popular even today.

#16 R Programming

Data analysis has R as best friend available on earth. Basically, it powers up mathematicians and statisticians. Google has a huge fan following R programming, as Google has a humongous amount of data with them, R actually facilitates their work, and if you are having hands on over the language then congratulations!! you’ll soon be a googler as a DATA SCIENTIST.
Over to you. What do you think about the languages mentioned in this list? What is the future of these languages in your views? Let me know about this in the comment section below.
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