Troubleshooting life problems- A problem always comes with a solution.

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Many times we are surrounded by a cluster of problems. Problems that do not let us get even an inch ahead. Lack of troubleshooting skills is the reason why most of us blame the problems and never get over it. The problem is not going to come to you and say “Hey, I am here to help you” because that’s how the life is. Every time we are let down by a problem we somehow forget that there’s solution nearby. We, at times, are so absent-minded that the solution goes unnoticed. Deep drowned in the sorrow of the problem, not letting the problem be the solution. So this is no more going to be the case from now on.

I have experienced and learned a lot from my mistakes, I was lucky enough to do so. I am poor, in fact, pathetic at the presence of mind. I always tend to realize better things, replies or action only when my chance is over. I could have rectified the call drops that I was facing on my own, had I kept my mind open. Enough open to realize that recently I had changed my APN settings. After a lot of tweets, and calls I realized this. Changed the APN setting to default, and bazinga. No more call drops.

I learned a very important thing that day, ‘Problems come with solutions‘. Those who are open-minded can trace back to the root cause of the problem. This is how it has to be done. But it’s okay to not realize by default or instantly, we are humans and not a phenomenon that happens by default. It took quite a long for me to realize this at first. Once I realized, it became important to share it.

It generally happens with every one of us. We cannot be attentive all the time. Even Sherlock took a full episode to realize that a cabbie is the one who can hunt in the middle of the crowd and goes unnoticed. It’s just matter of the click that triggers the idea of the root cause. Once you have that trigger, everything falls in place. Everything stitches in one single thread, neat and tidy.

But how can you and I be attentive to reverse engineer the problems? 

One common thing about ‘problems’, irrespective of who it gets, when it gets and how it gets is our behavior. The human brain is not designed to do tasks that seem dangerous and not soothing. This is why we tend to become nervous when in any kind of problem.

When faced with a problem, it is important to look around. Backtrack everything you’ve done related to the problem you’re facing. You and I need not be afraid of it. I understand that feeling but it’s not necessary to sit and mourn on the problem and not take actions to get rid of it. Most of the times the so-called problems seem to be out of our control, and yes it can be. You cannot stop an ice cream melt but you can stop melting it by eating it up.

Let’s admit. No matter how powerful we are, there are some things that are not under our control. We tend to give up on those occasions saying that it’s not in our control. This is what we all are doing wrong collectively. If problems were to be given life,  they would be like coal. No matter how troublesome it is to mine it, it is still fruitful.

Problems are nothing new, they come exactly at the time when you and your achievements are at the same level. If you are able to be the first among the lot easily, you wouldn’t like competing right? You will look for a tougher opponent, level or the game itself. Whenever faced with a problem do not turn back.

Troubleshooting to get rid of problems that seem uncontrollable

There are two ways by which you can do away with the problems.

#1 Reverse engineer: Psychologically speaking, a problem has a root cause and that root cause has solution attached to it. It just the matter of self-introspection. This is the reason why introverts rock in this regards. They have no one to share their feelings with. All they have is themselves, to share, to cry, to love and to ask solutions from. They are expert at self-introspection, hence they quickly figure out the root cause and fix it then and there.
I am not advocating the introverts, but I am so damn envious of them.

Biologically speaking, when suspected of a disease. You are diagnosed and then treated. The treatment is done at the root cause. Root cause is discovered by the diagnosis. Diagnosis is figured out by observing and studying the symptoms. It’s a chain, it happens this way every time everywhere. No exceptions. If a microbiological disease is treated this way, how do we expect the real-life problems to solve on its own? This is how reverse engineering works.

#2 Level up: This is most interesting and challenging part. Remember the game Contra, 90s kids would know it. I was so fanatic of that game. I was ready to get beaten up to play that game. The game taught me an important lesson. You cannot win all levels by being just the same. Level 1, level 2, level 3 and it’s chocked. You cannot move ahead without leveling up your game. It’s meant to get tougher and tougher. That is why the winners are called ‘champions’.

You and I will face problems, that is inevitable. Every problem is like a software update. Once you accept it, you get new features. This software update is tough to accept. At first, it seems impossible to accept. It turns out later that you wouldn’t have got anything better than what you got. Every problem needs a powerful ‘YOU’. You have to compete with newer version mentally, become that and defeat the problems. When you level up, at the level you will find the solution you were looking for.

Funniest part? You no more count it as a problem anymore, because you’ve leveled up. Leveling up itself is a solution to that problem.


Problem free life is a myth. Leveling up is a journey that will lead you to a life that is not problem free, but is worry-free. We all want a problem-free life, but do we take efforts to make one? This part of life is what I call, ‘Living’. You cannot expect life to be rosy all the time. Life is bitter, only for those who do not want to level up. Rise above your previous self and conquer your future self.

Over to you. What was the worst experience you faced? When was the last time you talked to yourself and asked how were things going? Let me know in the comment section below. It can be a simple ‘Hi’, I’d love to know more about you.

Do you know someone who’d need this piece of motivation? Share this with them and let them know that they can be a winner too. It’s just matter of perspective.

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