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“Sync” , one of the most common thing that people do across their devices, be it mobile be it laptop or tablet. Everyone knows one basic thing about “syncing” data to the server of the service provider so that they can have their data across devices and across platform. Syncing the data is nothing more than placing your personal data or any other general data to their servers, with a trust that the data in their servers would be safe.
Google, being a synonym to search has stepped into cloud access and multi-platform data access by means of “sync”. How do you think, your bookmarks appear on your office’s machine once you sign-in with you google id there ?

So what does it mean when you see “One Google account for everything Google“. Undoubtedly it means that you need just once google account to access all the google services. Once you sign-in all your data gets synced to the google servers and you can access your data from anywhere and from any device, you just need to sign-in and wait for the device to “sync”.

Google has categorized their collectionpriorities into three main sections.

  • Things you do
  • Things that makes you “you” &
  • Things creates you
    Things you do encircles things you search, websites you visit, videos you watch, Ads you click or tap, your location, device information IP address and cookie data.
    Things that makes you “you” encircles your name, email address and password, birthday, gender, phone number and country.
    Things creates you encircles emails you send and receive on Gmail, contacts you add, calendar events, photos and videos on your mobile device and docs/sheets/ slides on drive.
    So what does Google do with the data it collects ? Basically you are helping yourself by syncing your data to the Google servers, and Google being that magician performing the magic of maintaining it at the best of their levels. say for example you search “Chinese” on your phone, the location service (that you’ve allowed to share with Google) let’s you see the Chinese restaurants near you. Magical right ?
    Data also helps google to stringent the security across the services they provide to the users. The Gmail spam filter learns which mails you mark as spam or flag inappropriate, this is protecting you from receiving spams into your inbox. In-fact less than 1% of spam sent to gmail actually reaches your inbox surpassing the spam filter.
    Now, things you search on google is what goes as input to feed you appropriate ads. You search for latest music edition released, and you’ll be shown the ad of upcoming concert in your city. Sounds relating right ? And it goes without saying that ads are something that keeps services like search, Gmail and drive-FREE !!
    So there’s no harm in sharing your data to Google, it’s safe there. In short this very thing from google is an initiative to be virtually present right next to each user, man-to-man assistance, however you can always check what’s being publicly visible at About.Me from google Your-data-for-you is summary of this brilliant idea. And obviously google doesn’t sell your information, seeing an ad of what you had searched a minute ago on the page you are currently viewing doesn’t mean google is selling your information, it actually means your search is making the relevant ads to show up on your own subsequent search. However you can secure your account on google by visiting My Account and Stay Safe Online.

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